BRC Winter Dressage Championships at Hartpury College.

Our team consisting of Hollie, Fearless Frank, Sandie, Nolton Tobago, Alex, Levi 501 and Kerry Talponica Last Symphony made the long journey to Hartpury at the weekend to take part in the team dressage competition.  The weather was awful on Friday but improved on Saturday to a beautiful spring day.  The competition consists of two riders doing N30 and two doing prelim 7, its a bit of a shame they choose short arena tests for the championship as lots of the horses would probably go better with more space.  However we still managed to put up fantastic performances.  Sandie was first to go in the novice and managed 69% for 4th place which set us off well and Hollie followed in the P7 and was a little harshly marked getting 64% for 14th place.  Kerry was next in the novice and again put in a sterling performance for 70% for 10th place and Alex and Levi were the linchpin’s of the team scoring an incredible 73% for third place in their section.  After the usual nerve wracking wait, and knowing from the scores already up we would be placed as a team but not sure where, we sent Matthew over to the scoreboard to wait for the results whilst we all got changed.  When we saw him nonchalantly walking back to the boxes we were all trying to guess from his body language how we had all done.  When he said we were 9th we were a bit disappointed but then he announced he was joking and we were second we couldn’t believe it.  

This meant a mounted prize giving and Una had to re- plait Levi as she took all his plaits out when he finished, school boy error, but was very impressive by re-plaiting sown plaits in a stunning 20 minutes !.  We had such a laugh whilst waiting for the prize-giving and managed to talk Alex out of making all of us doing the quadrille !

All in all we had a great weekend, we worked fantastically well as a team, supported each other and laughed more than any other team there, just what riding club is all about.  Also thank you to Matthew who came along as our compulsory steward and spent two hours picking up poles in the show-jumping competition and was a general runner for us too.


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