Thanks to Natalie Pettitt and Hollie Gilbey for sending a news flash of how they got on at their latest competitions.

Hollie Gilbey and ‘ Fearless Frank’  have qualified for the British Riding Clubs BE80(T) Championships 2012 at Brooksby College, Melton Mowbray. They qualified at Carlton ODE by being in the top 3 British Riding Club members placed in their section. The championship takes place Sunday 23rd September.

Natalie took ‘Parting Gift’ to compete at Norton Heath’s Area Petplan festival, she came joint 4th with 72% and 69% giving her an overall percentage of 70. They have now qualified for the championships.

She also took, ‘Rifflealp’ her young ex racehorse to compete in the R0R(re training racehorse) prelim coming 3rd with 63%, allowing them to compete in the Racehorse to dressage horse series in November.

Following her earlier success this year at Novice Freestyle, Sam has sent us her latest results and photo on Lordships Supersonic — see below.

We won the BD regionals,  Novice Free Style at Fenning Farm on Aug 25th scoring 72.77%.  
We also got 5th  at the Keysoe Regionals at Prelim on 14th August. Our mark was only 1.5% off first place.
Fraser was also placed alongside Natalie at Norton Heath Prelim AF.. He finished 10th on ‘Leave It To Me’.

Looking forwards to Aintree now and try our best to get to the Nationals next year!!  The judges seem to love Hala’s music compilation, highly recommend to any members thinking of putting some music together!



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