Senior Club Camp – May 2013

Article written by Hollie.

We arrived Saturday morning with a threatening cloud looming over Waresley Park.  It was the first time I had been to Waresley and was completely blown away by the facilities, what an amazing place to spend the weekend!

Frank and I started by having a dressage lesson with Beverley Brightman, I learnt a lot and Frank enjoyed admiring himself in the lovely arena mirrors! After a spot of lunch and a sit down it was onto the show jumping lesson with Helene. My jumping buddy Sandie Gibbs stole the spot light with her impeccably behaved ex racehorse whilst Frank decided to dedicate minimum effort to the exercises Helene had set, after a bit of encouragement he woke up and in the end I think he even enjoyed himself.

Saturday night was spent in the local pub with wine, delicious food and good conversation (after we had escaped from Waresley, security is impeccable there!).  An early night followed with me choosing to ‘camp out’ in the lorry whilst the other ladies chose the more civilised B&B.

Sunday was an early start with Frank demanding breakfast at 5.50am (he hasn’t quite worked out the concept of a lay in), luckily the sun was shining and it looked as if we were set for a lovely day. We had another lesson with Beverley which was brilliant! Beverley is an amazing instructor as well as having a great sense of humour (which is necessary when teaching Frank and I!).

After a spot of sunbathing (well as much as you can whilst dressed in breeches and riding boots!) we prepared for Cross Country. Frank and I were they only pupils who went XC so Helene bought the lovely Peanut along for company (and a bit of fun jumping the logs). After a warm up Frank and I tackled a number of different fences under the encouraging tuition of Helene, sadly our lesson was cut short when Frank over reached and removed a front shoe but up until then his jumping was getting better and better!

I enjoyed the XC so much and Helene was great at building my confidence and teaching me how to ride some higher fences than I am used to.

In conclusion what an amazing weekend! I met so many friendly people and had wonderful instructors teaching me in beautiful surroundings. Frank was totally settled and enjoyed the company of the other horses in the riding clubs private stable block!  My first time at senior camp but certainly not my last, thank you so much to all who made it possible.

Can’t wait to see you all next year or maybe an Autumn Camp is in order?

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