Natalie has been busy

Parting Gift went to the Petplan Nationals at Hartpury. They came 16th less than 0.5% from getting through to the final round on the day! One judged loved her and gave her 69% the other not so keen and gave her 63% bringing them down to 65%.

Parting Gift also qualified for the Sheepgate Tack and Togs Championships at prelim level. This took place over two days, after the first day they scored 65.45% from both judges leaving them in 2nd place! on the second day they got 68% as a total. The scores and points from both days were combined and they were awarded reserve champion!

Killobee also went, he was 14th after the first day and ended up 18th, he remained on 62% and 63% so not bad for an ex racehorse!

Riffelalp her chestnut mare also an ex racehorse has been out eventing moved up to BE 90. In her second ever 90 she came 8th, doing a good test and a double clear at Poplar Park. Killobee also took part in a BE 90 AT Poplar Park coming 14th.

Riffelalp has also been selected to take part on the Cambridgeshire inter county challenge team in June.

Kilobee xc

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