BRC festival of the horse

Nathan Gibbs and Georgie Pitman qualified for the Pairs 90 Challenge at Shire Hill Farm by coming 2nd over all.  We had beautiful weather but the day was not without drama as Sandie’s lorry had a blow out on the way there and so Nathan only had 30 minutes before he had to compete and in that time he had to learn a show jumping course and couldn’t walk the cross country course.  However we were well informed by the Pitmans who organised a parking bay close to the flu check tent and described the course and we managed to look up some of the course photos on line during the journey.  Anne-Marie Taylor warmed them up and Georgie was first to go.  She had to do a course of jumps hand the whip to Nathan who did a different set of jumps the off on the cross country they went.  They also had to jump a fence together which they did perfectly and they ended up 7th which was amazing.  We all had a great day.


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