Area Dressage. Berwick Farm 6th July 2013

We had two teams competing, one in the open dressage and the other the riding club test.  Both teams were made up of the same people as we had a few last minute withdrawals due to various reasons.  The weather was glorious if a bit hot at times and the ground was good despite it being dry for the last week or so.  Debbie and I were early in the riding club test and we managed good scores to finish 7th and 3rd respectively, Hollie and Gaynor were much later in the day but also managed good scores which helped us as a team finish in 4th place in a very competitive field.  The Open dressage team competition was just as competitive but again we put up some very good performances with Hollie and me in first and Debbie 6th, and Gaynor with a good position in her arena and this time we improved to 3rd place overall.   

We had a lovely day and we would encourage all our members to come along next year.

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